Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

What size should I buy?

It is almost impossible for me to judge what size bag someone else needs for all their necessary equipment. However from my own experience I can offer the following sketches of Onbag Classic and Onbag Baby type people:

The Onbag Classic hangs flat when empty but expands tardis-like. So it is probably right for you if some of the following apply:

  • You use cloth nappies
  • You have more than one small child
  • You like to cover all eventualities (!)
  • You pack fairly light, but you hate to carry an extra bag when the inevitable extra load turns up
  • You are going out for a full day without a car, or buggy

The Onbag Baby is a smaller and neater version of the Classic, it has one less pocket and a pretty curved base. So it is probably right for you if:

  • You like to travel light
  • You are going on a short trip, or taking a car
  • You use disposable nappies
  • You are carrying equipment for one small child
  • You never end up with unexpected loads, or you prefer to carry an extra bag

Will I be able to fit all my stuff in?

Without seeing what you carry, I can't promise... BUT... at the Summer Sling Show in London this lady had the same doubts. I invited her to have a go and she managed to fit the contents of a large (full) roller rucksack and an Ergo Backpack into the Onbag Classic without too much trouble. It was quite impressive!

Is the 'Classic' too big?

Again, it is hard to know without knowing you and what you like to carry. However, personally I think it looks quite small and neat until you fill it up. I like to have the capacity to put my sling inside when I'm not using it, or to fit a bit of shopping or a parcel for the Post Office without carrying an extra bag.

For a full day out on public transport, with no buggy you really need that sort of flexibility.

What are the elastic loops for?

The three elastic loops on each side of your Onbag are fantastically useful. You can attach your sling pouch (clips on to both sides), thread the straps of your valuables bag through for security, attach your SlingView mirror, clip on a ped or use a mini-karabiner to attach your keys, umbrella or anything else you want to find quickly.

Will the Velcro catch on my beautiful sling?

With a lovely silk wrap, or other delicate fabric you are always going to be a bit worried about this!

However... my current favourite sling is a Didymos Silk Indio and I have never had a problem. Velcro is undoubtedly the quickest and easiest way of securely fastening a bag, and the last thing you want when you're dealing with a baby is to be fiddling with poppers or buckles! Further, any other fastening method carries the risk of hard parts pressing against your baby as you carry them.

The Velcro used on the pockets is automatically covered whenever you are not actually holding the pocket open, while the Velcro used to close the main flap is arranged to minimise the risk. There are three strips (two on the 'Baby') of 'soft side' Velcro down the front of the bag to allow you to fasten it even when you have it very full. These attach to one 'hard side' strip on the underside of the flap. The only piece of Velcro which could possibly catch your sling is the 'hard' section (the side with the hooks rather than the loops) on the underside of the flap, and since this should be well away from you and your sling, you should not have a problem if you take minimal care.

Are they machine washable?

All standard Onbags are machine washable at 30% on a gentle cycle with mild detergent. If you have selected delicate materials for a custom Onbag then you will need to adjust this appropriately.

Are they waterproof?

Standard Onbags are not made from waterproof fabric. However, I have found that the natural properties of the cotton are sufficient to keep the contents dry in a shower, or when resting briefly on a damp pavement.

I have considered using waterproof fabrics but have decided not to for the following reasons:

  • They are not generally comfortable to wear - and the Onbag is more like clothing in many ways than like a bag
  • They are only necessary in conditions you would be unlikely to linger in with a baby in a sling, and for a quick dash the natural waterproofing of the cotton has been sufficient in my experience
  • They are very expensive - and would massively increase the cost of your bag

If you are sure that you need a waterproof bag then we can source fabrics for a custom Onbag for you.

Will I be able to use it?

There are instructions on tying the knot supplied with the bag, and I am always on hand to help if you need any other questions answered.

Essentially if you can use your sling, then you'll be fine with your Onbag.

Custom Bags

Do you buy the fabric or do I?

I am more than happy to use fabric you send (or have sent) to me, or I can help you source the fabric you want. If I am buying the fabric for you then I will total up costs and send you an invoice before I order.

Where do I buy fabric?

There are many good online fabric stores, starting with a Google search is probably the best idea. Ebay is also a great option for small quantities of fabric as people often sell off roll ends or off cuts of expensive fabrics at a good price.

Can I use this fabric?

I am willing to try using different fabrics for custom bags, but please be aware that if you choose a fabric I have not tried before then it will be at your own risk.

Generally you will need to choose a fabric of around normal 'jeans' denim weight for the outer, and something thin but sturdy for the lining. Delicate brocades for example are prone to catch and pull, and will look less attractive over time.

How much fabric do I need?

For the outer layer you will need at least 3.5m of any width, however you will get most of that back if you have bought it yourself. If I am sourcing it for you and I think the fabric could be popular then I may be willing to add the excess to my stock and you will not be charged for it.

How does your waiting list work?

How long will I have to wait?

You will find more information on the waiting list here. I'm afraid it really is impossible to make any promises on how long it will take to progress. I do keep people fully informed, and I move as fast as I am able.