Onbag Classic Black

Onbag Classic Black

The classic black cotton outer is available with three great taffeta linings- hot pink, warm old gold and understated silver.

The Onbag is large enough to hold everything you need and, because it has no hard parts, your baby can comfortably sleep on the strap or rest a leg against it. You can wear an Onbag as a rucksack, shoulder or cross-body bag. You can even arrange the straps over your baby.

The great thing about the Onbag is that, being soft, it lies very flat against your body and looks small when you don't have much in it - but when you need the space it expands to hold an amazing amount!

The Onbag Classic has...

  • Beautiful taffeta lined straps which can be tied as a shoulder bag, a rucksack, a rucksack with a chest-strap or a waistbelt, even over your baby
  • Side loops pull out of neat pockets to attach rucksack straps
  • Three Velcro strips to allow you to shut your bag, however many winter coats you are carrying! A large front pocket fastens with Velcro
  • Three external and two internal pockets to keep your bag organised, the rear pocket fastens with a zipper
  • Six elasticated loops for attaching your sling-view mirror, Onbag Accessories, umbrella, keys...

Black/Gold Onbag ClassicOBC-BK-GLBlack/Gold Onbag Classic£65.00
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Black/Pink Onbag ClassicOBC-BK-PNBlack/Pink Onbag Classic£65.00
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Onbag Classic Black/SilverOBC-BK/SLOnbag Classic Black/Silver£65.00
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