Valuables Bag Red/Pink

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What a combination! Bright red outer with a hot pink lining - bright and beautiful, and quite a statement. A bag to brighten up a dark day.

The Valuables Bag is a lovely bag in its own right, small and neat with a lovely lining, and a divider down the middle to keep your keys away from your mobile phone. The opening is designed to allow easy access without fiddly fastenings, and the divider is a different texture to the rest of the lining so you can always 'feel' where you are in the bag. It co-ordinates perfectly with your Onbag.

You can keep it safe inside your Onbag by threading the straps through the elastic loops, or clipping the straps to the elastic with a mini-karabiner. Then when you're out you can leave the nappies in the corner of the play-park and just lift out the really important things to keep them safe.

The envelope closing (no fastenings) makes it easy to access what you need without too much fiddling around. The strap is made in the lining fabric of the main Onbag, and the body of the pouch out of the outer fabric. Put your keys, money and phone in here so that you can easily lift it out and leave the nappies in the corner of the playground! To make it secure inside your Onbag you can feed the strap through one of the elastic loops.

Price: £28.00
Weight: 0.1 kg
Dimensions: 15 cm × 30 cm × 30 cm
Number available: 1