Sling/Bag Set

Onbag Baby - 'butchered version'!

Well, I wouldn't call it butchered!  But the talented lady who made this bag, and two slings with accessories to match (!) insists that she's messed about with it to the point that I'd be horrified!

Well, I think I'll cope, because it looks fantastic.  I love the applique cat, and with the ringsling and pouch it will be stunning.

You can see her whole journey here on the Natural Mamas Forum.  Now we just have to wait for the lucky owner to get her fantastic present, and for her to send in some action shots!

"Here is a quick description:

I had roughly 1 meter of 150cm wide fabric left over from making other things.

I was in a hurry so ...

I cut the lining and main fabric pieces together, then stiched around each piece and left a small opening on a seam edge (so opening would be closed when sewing bag together) to be able to turn each piece and topstich tops of pockets, bag edges, etc, thus removing the need for rolled hems and making the pieces easier to work with (I could do this because my lining [an old bedsheet] was a block colour which would not look odd if it showed through some seams).

The strap was 3 lengths of the remaining fabric sewn together using french seams to ensure the strength of the strap wasn't compromised (the main fabric and lining were sewn independently for this so that the seams would lie next to each other and not on top of each other when sewn together to reduce bulk) and the joins were blended into the aethetics by placing the strap/loops (instead of elastic) just under the join on each side.

As the joins sit just above the main body of the bag they interfere with neither the functionality of the straps nor the drap and feel of the main bag.

I made the bag wider to reduce the "blocky" look of the end product and I ignored the recomendations for pocket sizes and simply made pockets which looked and felt right to me.

I added a pocket to the outside, back panel of the bag for shoving muslin squares/tissues, etc into.

I added side pockets on the inside too for bottles/talc/drinks

I hate velcro with a rather strong passion so I used a magnet bag clasp under the pocket on the front panel instead."

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