... and the 'preemie' Onbag - DIY innovation!

Here is a completely new Onbag - courtesy of a brave TBWer!


To be truly free to travel with our babies, a good bag is as essential as a good sling. The Onbag has been designed to use alongside your chosen carrier, enabling you to get out and about.

Brenda's DIY Onbags - Classic and Baby

Brenda has made two Onbags - a Classic and a Baby, out of the same 3.5yrds!

I really love the lining she's chosen, I have a bit of a thing for stripes!

Onbag Labels...

I am introducing a new labelling system for Onbags, you will now be able to tell from the colour of the tag what sort of Onbag you are looking at!

Red Labels - will indicate that this is a DIY Onbag. I will be offering these as a finishing touch to your DIY bag - along with the instruction leaflet and a nicely formatted set of instructions.

Linda's DIY Onbag...

Linda is the latest to brave the Onbag DIY challenge!

She has used two of Ikea's lovely fabrics to create her bag - I particularly like the lining.

It looks to me as if Linda has played with the pattern a bit - I think she has decided against the rolled hems, and has added a red accent to the front of the flap...

I've been promised some action shots in due course!

Onbag Classic

The Onbag Classic is here!

12 beautiful colour combinations - some funky, some classic and some just lovely!

You can choose from:
Black/Pink, Black/Gold, Black/Silver
Brown/Gold, Brown/Blue, Brown/Pink
Navy/Blue, Navy/Silver, Navy/Gold
Red/Pink, Red/Silver, Red/Blue

The outer fabric is cotton drill, which is sturdy but soft, and each bag is lined in lovely two-tone taffeta.


This Onbag Baby matches pillar box red cotton drill with an aubergine taffeta lining. The effect is definitely stylish, but also fun. I think this bag would cheer me up on dull days.

Anna chose a sling pouch to match, and splashed out on a full-size Onbag too (in the same fabrics as 'Vanessa') - one for every mood!

"Lorna & Jim"

This is the only bag I've ever wanted to cuddle!

Lorna very kindly allowed me to 'bagify' her Didymos Jim - a very trusting lady!

It came out just beautifully - the fabric is so soft and strokeable, but seems to hold the shape of the bag far better than I thought it would.

The Big Release - the Onbag is going into production!

This is a very exciting moment - I'm going into production with my bags! The first run will be short - so numbers may be a little limited.

I've found a great manufacturer and a whole range of amazing fabrics- I can't tell you how hard it was to narrow them down! On the right you can see the combinations I've settled on (the outer fabric is on the top, the lining on the bottom of each pair)...


Red cotton drill with a satin lining.

The black and white floral design is beautifully framed by the pillar box red outer shell.

This is a wonderful contrast between the vibrant red and the monochrome satin.

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