Onbag Classic

Two New Custom Bags

The two latest custom Onbags...This Onbag Baby in brown has a lovely striped linen lining. The stripes run horizontally which gives a very interesting and unique look.

Notice the rather snazzy new black Onbag Label, which is reserved for unique custom bags!

DIY - Onbag Classic and Onbag Baby

Aren't these just lovely!?

This clever lady has rolled the hems outward to show the lovely lining fabric, and she's done a matching 'Classic' and 'Baby'.

I think they both look great!

"So, I finally got fabric (with my Bday money) and the courage (I'm still pretty new to sewing and usually have my mom help) and made my OnBag & OnBag Baby. I did mess up on the big one...


To be truly free to travel with our babies, a good bag is as essential as a good sling. The Onbag has been designed to use alongside your chosen carrier, enabling you to get out and about.

Brenda's DIY Onbags - Classic and Baby

Brenda has made two Onbags - a Classic and a Baby, out of the same 3.5yrds!

I really love the lining she's chosen, I have a bit of a thing for stripes!

'Bagified' Wraps - Didymos Iris and Hoppediz Montreal, Baby and Classic...

Here is Iris as an Onbag Classic, and Montreal as a panel on an Onbag Baby. Don't they look lovely together!?

Iris' stripes work really well as a full-shell wrap bag, and as usual the wrap-bags are the ones I don't want to give away - doesn't the two-tone taffeta lining look amazing with the stripes!

New Releases!

Coming soon - I will be releasing the Onbag Baby, the sling pouch and the valuables bag.

The Onbag Baby is slightly smaller than the Onbag. 30x30cm with a curved base, the straps are around 15cm wide with the same range of beautiful taffeta linings as the Onbag Classic. The Onbag Baby has a small handy pocket on each side, a front pocket fastened with Velcro and a zipped rear inner pocket.

Onbag Labels...

I am introducing a new labelling system for Onbags, you will now be able to tell from the colour of the tag what sort of Onbag you are looking at!

Red Labels - will indicate that this is a DIY Onbag. I will be offering these as a finishing touch to your DIY bag - along with the instruction leaflet and a nicely formatted set of instructions.

Onbag Classic

The Onbag Classic is here!

12 beautiful colour combinations - some funky, some classic and some just lovely!

You can choose from:
Black/Pink, Black/Gold, Black/Silver
Brown/Gold, Brown/Blue, Brown/Pink
Navy/Blue, Navy/Silver, Navy/Gold
Red/Pink, Red/Silver, Red/Blue

The outer fabric is cotton drill, which is sturdy but soft, and each bag is lined in lovely two-tone taffeta.

"Susie" - Classic Black Onbag Baby

Susie has gone for simple but functional. This is an unlined black cotton drill Onbag Baby - elasticated tops to her side pockets.

This bag will go with anything, and look lovely anywhere.

Free Pattern - Onbag Baby

The method for the Onbag Baby is almost exactly the same as for the Onbag Classic.  A section is included in the DIY Onbag pattern which tells you how to adapt it to make the 'Baby'.  But in brief:

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