Onbag Baby

Free Pattern - Onbag Baby

The method for the Onbag Baby is almost exactly the same as for the Onbag Classic.  A section is included in the DIY Onbag pattern which tells you how to adapt it to make the 'Baby'.  But in brief:

"Lorna & Jim"

This is the only bag I've ever wanted to cuddle!

Lorna very kindly allowed me to 'bagify' her Didymos Jim - a very trusting lady!

It came out just beautifully - the fabric is so soft and strokeable, but seems to hold the shape of the bag far better than I thought it would.

Christa's DIY Onbag

Christa has come up with quite a striking design.

The purple and white are accented with embroidery details and I think I spotted a little extra pocket for a phone in her post on The Babywearer!

Well done Christa, and thank you for sharing!

Another Brave DIYer!

I think it came out beautifully and I love the trim she has used. You can read more about it and see an extra picture in her thread on TBW. She includes some advice from her own experience, which is always worth reading!


I am now offering two accessories for your Onbag. These are available to match your bag, or you can go for a contrast if you wish. I can't guarantee that I will keep stock of your fabric so if you want a matching accessory then please order it at the same time as your bag!

Onbag Baby!

My latest arrival! The Onbag Baby is a smaller and simpler version of the Onbag idea. Onbag Baby has around half the capacity of the Onbag. With slightly narrower straps and three pockets to keep you organised, the Onbag baby is ideal for those quick trips where you don't need to take everything with you - or for those clever mums who can travel light!

Rebecca's DIY Onbag

Well done Rebecca - it looks beautiful! And so do you and your lovely baby!

Rebecca says: "I fell in love with the onbag at first sight, and went out to buy myself some fabric for it the next day. I finished it yesterday and put it to the test today, packing up lunch for the whole family and went to the park"

About the Onbag

The Onbag is large enough to hold everything you need (about 35x35x20cm) and, because it has no hard parts, your baby can comfortably sleep on the strap or rest a leg against it. You can wear an Onbag as a rucksack, shoulder or cross-body bag. You can even arrange the straps over your baby.

The great thing about the Onbag is that, being soft, it lies very flat against your body and looks small when you don't have much in it - but when you need the space it expands to hold an amazing amount!

The Onbag has...

Michelle's DIY Onbag

Michelle, who you may know as mich1783 from The Babywearer, is the first brave mama to make her very own Onbag! Very impressive!

I think it looks fantastic with the matching sling!

Michelle has added some tweaks of her own, including elastic at the tops of the pockets (something I've done for a couple of people too) and an extra pocket on the back of the bag.


This Onbag is lined with a synthetic embroidered taffeta with a lovely leaf design. I made this for some close friends who are expecting a baby in July. The black cotton drill outer frames it nicely I think.

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