Eva's incredible handpainted DIY Baby

Eva used colours from her favourite wearing wraps and slings to provide inspiration for the beautiful handpainting on her Onbag.  The 'triskel' symbols and brightly coloured triangles look fantastic.  Eva says 'this is my favourite bag now, even when I go out without my baby'.  

The design was completed using standard textile paints and colours.  Eva's friend Petra sewed the bag for her, leaving parts of the bag fabric white so that the textile paint colours remained vibrant and clear.

A stunning bag! 


Eva as a DIY Onbag

Isn't Eva pretty!

I'm a big fan of Eva (a Didymos Wrap in case you are wondering!), I have a shortie with a lovely fringe and I'm very fond of it.

So it was lovely to receive pictures of this wrap conversion.

Jenneken says:

"...this one I made out of an old Didymos Eva wrap ringsling.

It had a tear and I didn't trust it anymore so I cut it up into pieces and made an Onbag that's in between the baby and the classic bag.

I had to cheat with the long straps since the wrap was only 2 meters long, but with a double seam it works fine...

I put the lining only on the inside of the bag and not on the straps.

I use this bag every day now"

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