DIY Examples

Catherine's ground-breaking wrap conversion

Catherine of the fab webdesign company 'IndigoBird' has created her own wrap conversion from a florence hopp, with a lovely turquoise lining - taffeta I think.

She gives details of how she went about it here on her own blog.

She says:

Jesca's Applique Onbag

Jesca has been kind enough to send me these beautiful action shots of her DIY Onbag Classic.

She used a wool blend material for the outer bag, with a black acrylic lining. She says that the bag is 'a relatively heavy, but sturdy bag, good for daily use.'

Jesca added some lovely appliqué - four large and striking butterflies - one on the front, one on the back, and one on each strap.

Kerstin's Appliqué DIY Onbag Classic

Kerstin has made a beautiful Onbag Classic with a really striking fabric for the lining and for a contrasting front panel. She has added a lovely appliquéd design on the front, and I think at the end of the straps. 

If I'm seeing it right then I think she's done elasticated tops to her side pockets - which is very handy for drinks, and also an outside mobile phone pocket.

Mirjam's modified Onbag Baby

"Thank you so much for offering your DIY instructions for download. I used them for making an Onbag baby and I really love your design.
I tweaked the original design a bit. The side pockets are wider than the bag and elasticated on top with a box fold in the bottom so you can put more in (perfect for hats, gloves, tommee tippee cups).

Kristin's DIY Bag - Bias Tape Variation

This is Kristin's DIY Onbag - she chose lovely natural colours and a leafy lining to match.

Kristin decided to skip the zipped back pocket and found the rolled hem a little daunting (not the first I don't think!). So she modified my pattern to use bias tape instead.

You can see the original thread on The BabyWearer here.

Sheila's Triumph

Through blood, sweat, tears and dog-attacks(!) Sheila has struggled on and produced a beautiful bag. She has chosen a patterned outer fabric has has done a beautiful job of lining it all up with the pockets.

Casey's DIY Onbag - new size!

"I love my onbag baby, but it bigger than I was hoping for when I made it. I finally got around to making a smaller one with the scraps, and it is awsome. Perfect for the daily outings where I don't need to bring a lunch, etc. I think the straps are shorter than I would like, but the size was dictated by the size of scraps I had....

Matched DIY Scandi and Onbag Baby

I love the matched bag and sling look - it really streamlines the whole bag-and-baby-and-sling fashion statement :)

This clever lady has not only made a matched bag and sling, but has also put nice elasticated tops on the pockets - and (I think) played around with the sizes a little to get something just right for her...

Thank you for sharing!

Tobborah - DIY Onbag with Patterned Flap Panel

Isn't this a lovely shot!?
This DIY Onbag has a flap made out of just the lining fabric - a nice floral print used with what looks like a denim outer fabric.
Well done you!

... and the 'preemie' Onbag - DIY innovation!

Here is a completely new Onbag - courtesy of a brave TBWer!

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