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DIY Baby by Jolijn

You may remember Jolijn as previous examples of her DIY Classic bags were posted back in December.  She promised that she would send us images of her next project... two DIY Baby bags.

Jolijn writes, 'The first Onbag Baby is finished. It's made from pieces of a Didymos Waves wrap in 7 different colors (Lind, Aqua, Silber, Sequoia, Purple, Allegro and Violet). It was fun to make!'

What a great looking bag, the contrasting colours work so well together! 

Jolijn's beautiful DIY creations

Jolijn has made these two amazing DIY Classic creations for herself and her sister, both have unique personalities using different fabrics, patterns and textures.  

The black velvet bag is very stylish and classy, with the richly patterned and coloured red lining it really stands out.

I love the vibrant green colour of the cotton Classic.  The patterned lining suits it so well and is sure to brighten up even the dullest winter day.

Jolijn writes that her next project is two DIY Onbag Babies!  I can't wait to see what colours and fabrics she uses.  

Don't the special red DIY Onbag labels look smart too?

Eva as a DIY Onbag

Isn't Eva pretty!

I'm a big fan of Eva (a Didymos Wrap in case you are wondering!), I have a shortie with a lovely fringe and I'm very fond of it.

So it was lovely to receive pictures of this wrap conversion.

Jenneken says:

"...this one I made out of an old Didymos Eva wrap ringsling.

It had a tear and I didn't trust it anymore so I cut it up into pieces and made an Onbag that's in between the baby and the classic bag.

I had to cheat with the long straps since the wrap was only 2 meters long, but with a double seam it works fine...

I put the lining only on the inside of the bag and not on the straps.

I use this bag every day now"

Mini DIY Onbag in Corduroy and Applique

This is a very lovely little bag.

Our intrepid DIYing community has come up with yet another variation - this bag is smaller than the standard and is also longer and shorter.

The brown corduroy works really well with the appliquéd flower on the front.

The lining is of the same material as the appliqué.

If I am not mistaken the creator of this bag has also gone for slightly narrower straps.

Altogether this is a very neat little bag for short trips, or light packers!

Judith's DIY Leather Onbag

I'm so impressed with this bag!

I had thought of trying one in leather but I really don't have the skills or expertise for it...

Judith (who is also the author of the DIY instructions in Dutch) has made this with a lovely bright striped lining.

Judith says:

"I wasn't sure my sewing machine could make it through a few layers of leather but it worked out all just fine.

I had to make a few changes because leather is slightly different to work with and I had to change the measurements to fit the pattern for the peace of leahter I had available.

Because the onbag is a little smaller than the baby onbag (27x27 cm, straps 14cm wide) I assumed the purpose is different. I'm going to use it for citytrips (not a whole day, just one or two hours)

I left away the sidepocket and loops because of this changed purpose (and I like to backcarry my daugthers)."

It is so great to have such talented designers and seamstresses from all over the world contributing to this design.  I am overwhelmed by the creativity and talent which is pouring in from all directions!

Jitka's Bag

Jitka says:

"I love the bag! I can fit everything there and that's great. I regret I kept postponing making the bag for such a long time - I had bought the fabrics half year ago!

I bought a piece of brown fabric long enough and also a piece of fabric with flowers for the lining - both were very cheap.

Both fabrics were quite thin so I used some old corduroy I had at home to put in between them."

Jitka is very kindly working on a translation of my pattern into Czech, so watch this space!

Alison's DIY Onbag Classic.

Alison has created a rather fine black denim and shimmery green taffeta bag.

She says:

"I finally got it finished, just in time for a weekend at Centerparcs where it was used plenty by both myself and my husband, we both found it really comfortable.

We got lots of compliments on it too.

I used a shot green/black taffeta lining with black denim outer.

The only thing I altered was the rolled hem round the bottom of the bag as my poor old 1960s singer machine couldn’t cope with the amount of material involved so I did the hem on the inside.

Next on my to-do list is the baby onbag."

I think the green shot taffeta works really well with the soft tones of the black denim.

This is a very beautiful but also dad-friendly bag - we like!

Now we're just waiting for action shots!

Stacy's Artichoke Anathama

Stacy writes a blog called 'Artichoke Anathema', and has written about her Onbag project.  She says it should be making me rich!

 Stacy writes :

"I have completed many projects. One of which was a diaper bag. The hospital sent us home with a simple black Similac bag that I used after I removed the labels. It really wasn't big enough for outings with the cloth diapers plus I was lugging around purse, diaper bag, and baby. There are tons of great free projects on the web, some of which are free for a reason and others that should be making someone rich. The Onbag should be making some rich. It is genius; diaper bag with extremely long straps to be worn around your body and accommodate your baby wearing! My purse fits in in to boot! ...

Wal-Mart $2 cotton with a bit of lycra. It is a cool charcoal color. I didn't want black but yet needed versatility in color. Grey. Who goes wrong with grey?

The straps are tied criss-cross, through the loops, across one another to go back through the loops, then finally knotted together. I think I need to make a little loop to go around the upper part of the straps to keep them closer in at my shoulder blades. I thought the 14" width would not be too wide, but alas, it is....

Opened up, here you can see the pockets and lining. I got a great deal on the salmon colored raw silk. Being one of my favorite colors and fabrics, I couldn't resist."

Kim's DIY Bag - The Tester...

"I'm not an experienced sewer, so I was kind of scared that I couldn't do this. I've been ready to order on of Sara's Onbags a million times, but LE Didy's kept being released, so I never found the money.

And since no one wanted to buy my Aqua Hopp Florenz on the Dutch babywearing forum I thought I might as well use it for an Onbag.

But I made a trial version first. From darkblue Ikeacurtains I had stocked in the attick, and some shiney fuchsia lining. I found the pattern quite a puzzle, but it all worked out in the end.

I finished the whole thing just after midnight... I'm getting the hang of this sewing-thing. I want do do it againnnn! "

I think Kim did a great job - I can't wait to see the wrap-conversion!

Nicole's DIY Dog Print Bag

"I just wanted to thank you for posting the instructions! It took me 8.5 weeks, but I did it!

I made a few mistakes, but overall I am happy with my outcome.

My straps are 20 inches shorter than you suggest, but I like them."

Nicole has chosen a really interesting dog print for the lining of her bag, and a nice soft blue for the outer fabric.

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