August 2008


I knew this one would be lovely! Tulip print outer with turquoise slubby silk lining.

The silk lining is almost exactly the colour of the tulips on the outer fabric.

This is a very luxurious Onbag Baby!

I hope that Cindy loves her new bag.

Linda's DIY Onbag...

Linda is the latest to brave the Onbag DIY challenge!

She has used two of Ikea's lovely fabrics to create her bag - I particularly like the lining.

It looks to me as if Linda has played with the pattern a bit - I think she has decided against the rolled hems, and has added a red accent to the front of the flap...

I've been promised some action shots in due course!

Liz's DIY Onbag

This is Liz's new DIY Onbag - isn't it lovely!?

She's used black canvas for the outer and a lovely swirly white-on-black ironwork design for the lining... but here is the clever bit: she's lined most of the bag in plain black but 'tipped' the ends of the straps with patterned fabric.

Onbag Classic

The Onbag Classic is here!

12 beautiful colour combinations - some funky, some classic and some just lovely!

You can choose from:
Black/Pink, Black/Gold, Black/Silver
Brown/Gold, Brown/Blue, Brown/Pink
Navy/Blue, Navy/Silver, Navy/Gold
Red/Pink, Red/Silver, Red/Blue

The outer fabric is cotton drill, which is sturdy but soft, and each bag is lined in lovely two-tone taffeta.

Onbag Originals

I am currently working with one of my custom clients to create the first of what I hope will be a long line of original print linings.

I will create original designs for my clients, to produce a print fabric, and ultimately a bag which is original, beautiful and personal to them.


This Onbag Baby matches pillar box red cotton drill with an aubergine taffeta lining. The effect is definitely stylish, but also fun. I think this bag would cheer me up on dull days.

Anna chose a sling pouch to match, and splashed out on a full-size Onbag too (in the same fabrics as 'Vanessa') - one for every mood!

Krista's DIY Onbag - Stripes!

This is Krista's rather lovely DIY Onbag! This makes me think of beaches and sunny days.

She says:
"I have never really sewed anything more than a hem.
I made it out of an old sofa throw that is a heavy 100% cotton and very similar in weave to a German weave wrap.
Can you see how well I managed to line up the stripes!
I didn't line it - but did manage to put in all three interior pockets and two side pockets.

Custom Inspirations...

Here are some shots of the beautiful fabrics I have or have had in stock. There are many other options than these - but I'm hoping this selection will be an inspiration!

Some are suitable for the outside of your bag, some as linings. Some are wrap scraps, some are silks, some are designer prints...

Some of these I only have enough of to make a panel, or partial lining but maybe they'll inspire nonetheless. We can always go shopping!

You may also want to look at my example bags for inspiration, design your very own print for a lining or an outer shell, 'bagify' a wrap, or experiment with an entirely new idea!

"Susie" - Classic Black Onbag Baby

Susie has gone for simple but functional. This is an unlined black cotton drill Onbag Baby - elasticated tops to her side pockets.

This bag will go with anything, and look lovely anywhere.

Free Pattern - Onbag Baby

The method for the Onbag Baby is almost exactly the same as for the Onbag Classic.  A section is included in the DIY Onbag pattern which tells you how to adapt it to make the 'Baby'.  But in brief: