Alternative Carries

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Leom's Amazing Quick Tuck Carry

Leom has a very clever, quick and supportive carry.  You simply lift the bag onto one shoulder and taking the longer trailing strap around you, tuck it under your sling.

This stops the bag from slipping off your shoulder, and yet when you  take the baby/toddler out the bag can slip off easily.

This carry works well with hip carries/ring slings, but I frequently use it with back and front carries too - you can tuck the long strap more-or-less anywhere...

Brenda's Two-Knot Tie

Brenda made a lovely DIY Onbag and was kind enough to share her new way of tying it with TBW, and with us...

"'s pretty simple. I take one strap and tie a slip knot onto the other strap. I don't do the fancy knot used with rebozos... just a simple single knot. Then I do the same with the other strap. So I end up with two knots that can slide up and down the straps. They are easy to adjust quickly for shorter or longer straps."

This is actually the way I tie the Valuables bag, but I hadn't thought of using it for the Onbag itself - it is a great alternative carry - and as a bonus you don't need to learn any fancy knots!

Brenda's Quick Backpack

Brenda also has a great way of tying a backpack quickly.

She didn't put side-loops on her DIY Onbag Baby so...

"When I want it on my back, I just tie a knot behind me and it works just fine."

I think this could work really well for fast chuck-it-on your back carries, especially where you're not carrying too much around with you.