To be truly free to travel with our babies, a good bag is as essential as a good sling. The Onbag has been designed to use alongside your chosen carrier, enabling you to get out and about.

Brenda's DIY Onbags - Classic and Baby

Brenda has made two Onbags - a Classic and a Baby, out of the same 3.5yrds!

I really love the lining she's chosen, I have a bit of a thing for stripes!

'Bagified' Wraps - Didymos Iris and Hoppediz Montreal, Baby and Classic...

Here is Iris as an Onbag Classic, and Montreal as a panel on an Onbag Baby. Don't they look lovely together!?

Iris' stripes work really well as a full-shell wrap bag, and as usual the wrap-bags are the ones I don't want to give away - doesn't the two-tone taffeta lining look amazing with the stripes!

New Releases!

Coming soon - I will be releasing the Onbag Baby, the sling pouch and the valuables bag.

The Onbag Baby is slightly smaller than the Onbag. 30x30cm with a curved base, the straps are around 15cm wide with the same range of beautiful taffeta linings as the Onbag Classic. The Onbag Baby has a small handy pocket on each side, a front pocket fastened with Velcro and a zipped rear inner pocket.

Onbag Labels...

I am introducing a new labelling system for Onbags, you will now be able to tell from the colour of the tag what sort of Onbag you are looking at!

Red Labels - will indicate that this is a DIY Onbag. I will be offering these as a finishing touch to your DIY bag - along with the instruction leaflet and a nicely formatted set of instructions.

Lisa's Butterfly DIY Onbag...

Lisa has used a beautiful vintage brocade lining with a black cotton drill outer.

I love the applique butterfly she's added to the front flap.

Lisa is planning on making a Mei-Tai to match, I'll post pictures soon!

Lisa's DIY Onbag

Lisa has done a beautiful job with her bag - look at that great Marimekko flower on the front! And she says she's never really sewn anything before - hard to believe!

Sling Libraries / Babywearing Advocacy

I am happy to help support the valuable work of these sling libraries and all you advocates. I wish that there had been people near me like you when I was just starting up!

Hand in Hand Breastfeeding Support - in Kent in the UK, breastfeeding support and a sling library.

Oxford Slingmeet - a great range of different types of slings donated by many different manufacturers that you can try out.

Southhampton Slingmeet - Southampton Sling Meet was set up in response to the growing number of parents in the area who are interested in using slings or baby carriers.   To celebrate International Babywearing Week in September, they are joining forces with Portsmouth Sling Meet and getting all of our members together to share their babywearing experiences along with sharing a coffee and some cake! As part of this event, we are having a charity raffle in aid of Best Beginnings (  Included in the raffle will be an Onbag Classic!

A short list so far! But growing...


I knew this one would be lovely! Tulip print outer with turquoise slubby silk lining.

The silk lining is almost exactly the colour of the tulips on the outer fabric.

This is a very luxurious Onbag Baby!

I hope that Cindy loves her new bag.

Linda's DIY Onbag...

Linda is the latest to brave the Onbag DIY challenge!

She has used two of Ikea's lovely fabrics to create her bag - I particularly like the lining.

It looks to me as if Linda has played with the pattern a bit - I think she has decided against the rolled hems, and has added a red accent to the front of the flap...

I've been promised some action shots in due course!

Liz's DIY Onbag

This is Liz's new DIY Onbag - isn't it lovely!?

She's used black canvas for the outer and a lovely swirly white-on-black ironwork design for the lining... but here is the clever bit: she's lined most of the bag in plain black but 'tipped' the ends of the straps with patterned fabric.

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