To be truly free to travel with our babies, a good bag is as essential as a good sling. The Onbag has been designed to use alongside your chosen carrier, enabling you to get out and about.

Green Linen with Bright Floral Lining

What a bag!

This will certainly make a statement, and is a perfect example of how wonderful a custom bag can be when it is exactly, precisely what someone wants - I don't think one of the standard bags would really have hit the spot here!

The lovely Lucy who handles the custom bags says:

"I must confess to thinking that Hannah was slightly barmy when she sent me this fabric combination for her Onbag, but it works amazingly well together, and I think the finished bag is now my favourite one that I have made so far!"

Hannah chose a lime-green linen with a bright floral lining for her custom Onbag Classic.

Why not join the waiting list for your own perfect bag?

Karen's Contrast Stitched Bag

Karen says:

" I've made it for a friend who has a newborn and little sewing skills...

...but I'm so pleased with the result that I'm making one for myself!  

I went for sizes halfway between the Baby and Classic (have made one of each in the past and felt that something inbetween would be perfect!!!)."

The result is very striking, and I like the contrast stitching very much!  

Looking forward to squishy newborn action shots!

Jenneken's Blue Applique DIY

Jenneken's BagJenneken's BagJenneken has created a very beautiful DIY Onbag Classic.

She has chosen a nice slate-y blue outer matched with a lighter blue and white floral print lining.

Jenneken says:

"thanks so much for this great pattern.

It took me a while to figure it out but once I started I could finish the bag in one afternoon.

I made a few mistakes, forgot the loops and put the side pockets too high but all in all I'm very happy with the result."

I would be very happy with the result too!  I like the way the tones work together and how the contrasting stitching matches the lining.

Special Editions sold out already

Sorry if you missed them - the Special Editions sold out in under two days...! So I wasn't kidding when I said you'd need to be quick ;) There are more on order, so watch this space...

New Special Editions in Stock!

New ByEthicals Special Editions in stock!

These are sure to disappear very quickly, so if you fall in love with one then don't hesitate!

Moving House!

We're leaving the country for the sunny Northern Irish seaside!

Thank you all for the enormous amount of interest, good wishes and kind words about my bags.  

I cannot say often enough how much I have appreciated people's support and good wishes in this project.  It has all been very exciting for me!

I'm afraid that over the next few weeks there may be some delays in responding to queries and orders, as we are in the process of moving house.

There will also be a hiatus before I can restock - for the same reason!  

I will still be working, it may just be a little slower than usual, so do bear with me - and don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions.  I will respond as soon as I am able.

Thank you all in advance for your understanding.


Joanne's Blue Swirls Custom Onbag Classic Set

This is Joanne's new Custom Classic Onbag.  

She has chosen a deep navy blue cotton drill outer, and a shimmering blue taffeta with a swirling design for the lining.

The valuables bag matches, and uses the swirling taffeta to great effect on the straps.

I love the way that the similar colours of the lining and outer fabric work together.  The effect is very subtle but there is real luxury there.

I hope Joanne will enjoy her set, it is very beautiful!

Sarah's Feast of Berriliciousness!

This beautiful set of bags was created for Sarah to match her Rumba Lucia Wrap/Ring Sling conversion.

We've used the wrap to make front and flap panels, and also to create an impact with contrasting side pockets and loops.


The lighter outer fabric works beautifully with the darker taffeta lining - the shades really pick up the colours of the wrap.

And if it is beautiful to look at then it is even more lovely to touch!

She will look quite stunning wearing this ensemble - I do hope we get some action photos!

Very very glamerous!


Jitka's Bag

Jitka says:

"I love the bag! I can fit everything there and that's great. I regret I kept postponing making the bag for such a long time - I had bought the fabrics half year ago!

I bought a piece of brown fabric long enough and also a piece of fabric with flowers for the lining - both were very cheap.

Both fabrics were quite thin so I used some old corduroy I had at home to put in between them."

Jitka is very kindly working on a translation of my pattern into Czech, so watch this space!

First Action Shot of the ByEthicals Bags

Brooke... Thank you so much for this lovely action shot! 

I'm putting it right up on the front page because I'm so excited to see the first evidence of these beautiful bags being used, and loved.

Brooke says:

"I have been planning on making an Onbag for a while now, and I still will, but I need something for travelling in a month and wasn't sure I would have time by then.

So, in a moment of madness, I bought the ByEthicals Spring Stripes classic set!

It is so much prettier in real life than online.

I liked it a lot online, but I love it now that I can see the textures and true colours.

It looks gorgeous with my Indio! ...

... I wasn't quite sure how an Onbag would work, but now I know that it works however I want it to!  

The sling pouch is so clever, too. I didn't think I would be able to fit my long wraps or mei tai in it, but they actually fit rather perfectly.

I'm excited to make my own and seeing this one has inspired me to use more interesting fabrics, though I think mine will be a little more plain in hopes that my husband won't ask to borrow this one!"

It certainly does look gorgeous with that Indio!

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