To be truly free to travel with our babies, a good bag is as essential as a good sling. The Onbag has been designed to use alongside your chosen carrier, enabling you to get out and about.

The Onbag Zones Have ARRIVED!

I am very pleased, proud and excited to tell you all that the latest addition to the Onbag Family is now here!  Designed to fit your Onbag perfectly, they will also transform any other bag - making it organised and beautiful.

These 'zones' are Onbag's answer to the pocket, they make it easy to organise your bag, to swap things around for different outings or to take just what you need when you go for a nappy-change.

Made by ByEthicals, each is beautiful and unique - as well as being easily identifiable inside your bag.

They come in four shapes: cube, brick, flat and square. You can choose from simple, but beautiful fabric, or one of the lovely appliquéd designs. Each one has two handy loops; to go over your wrist or clip to the elastic loops on your Onbag.

Use them to suit exactly what you need to carry, and what you need with you on that particular day.  Never lose things in the bottom of your bag again, or have things spill all over the floor!

Personally... I have

  • a 'change zone', which I just put over my wrist and use as a bag in it's own right for short trips.  A brick-zone will fit your wipes case and nappies, whether cloth or disposable very neatly.
  • a 'toy zone'... I use a cube-zone filled with little cars and other interesting things, which is great to pull out at cafés for the kids to rummage through.
  • a 'pens zone'; I use the flat-zone like a pencil case and include some scraps of paper for scribbling - me or the children!
  • a 'special things zone'; I use the square zone for the important discoveries we make - pebbles, leaves and so on.
  • a 'beach zone'; we live near the sea and I have a couple of small spades and so on in a brick-zone so I can just grab and go.

...but you'll be completely different from me! 

I would suggest starting with one brick and one cube, and see how you go...

You can't beat these for versatility, practicality and easy organisation!

Custom Onbags

The lovely Lucy, who was previously in charge of managing the waiting list and creating beautiful bags, has had to stop sewing for personal reasons. Sad as this is for Onbag, I do completely understand her decision and I wish her all the best in getting everything back on track.

The upshot of this is that I'm afraid I will have to shut down the custom list for the forseeable future. I have just recently moved house (and country) myself and I am putting Onbag into a lower gear while I allow the family to regroup and re-establish. In this situation I do not have the time to sew the bags myself (even if I had a sewing room set up!) or to go through the process of selecting and quality-testing a new seamstress.


Great Action Shot!

Scooter-BabeScooter-BabeI just had to put this up on the front page!  

How fantastic is this photo?

And isn't it a great alternative carry as well!?

And don't they both look fantastic!?

Isn't a scooter a great way to get about while babywearing!? Especially with such a beautiful addition to the front handle-bars...

You'll notice that the beautiful bag featured (neatly strapped to the front of the rather funky scooter) is a natty DIY effort, which sports the smart red DIY Onbag Label.

Do keep sending in your shots, especially when they are as cool as this one!

You can see more about Jitka's DIY bag here:

Jitka has also kindly contributed her time and effort to produce a translation of the DIY Onbag Pattern into Czech.  You can find her work and others' on the 'Community Contributions' page.

New Special Editions in Stock!

They're here!

And aren't they just lovely!?

I now have six lovely ByEthicals Special Edition Onbags in stock and ready to be shipped out to their lucky new owners...

In the past these Special Editions have been sold out very swiftly, so if you love one then don't let it get away.

Take a look at them all here...

I will not be advertising these anywhere else at first because I want those of you who have been faithfully stalking this site to have first choice.


More Lovely DIY Bags

I've been getting some lovely pictures of your DIY creations lately.

These last two make a nice contrast with each other, showing the range of invention that you clever people are capable of!

On the left is a stunning purple and gold Onbag Classic which was made for one Natural Mama's Forum member by her kind kind mother.  You can read all about it here...

And on the right you'll see a lovely matched sling and bag in soft natural tones.  I do love the action shots with the beautiful babies in them!  

This sling/bag combo is both very beautiful and very practical - and really streamlines the whole bag-baby-sling look!

Onbag Baby - 'butchered version'!

Well, I wouldn't call it butchered!  But the talented lady who made this bag, and two slings with accessories to match (!) insists that she's messed about with it to the point that I'd be horrified!

Well, I think I'll cope, because it looks fantastic.  I love the applique cat, and with the ringsling and pouch it will be stunning.

You can see her whole journey here on the Natural Mamas Forum.  Now we just have to wait for the lucky owner to get her fantastic present, and for her to send in some action shots!

"Here is a quick description:

I had roughly 1 meter of 150cm wide fabric left over from making other things.

I was in a hurry so ...

I cut the lining and main fabric pieces together, then stiched around each piece and left a small opening on a seam edge (so opening would be closed when sewing bag together) to be able to turn each piece and topstich tops of pockets, bag edges, etc, thus removing the need for rolled hems and making the pieces easier to work with (I could do this because my lining [an old bedsheet] was a block colour which would not look odd if it showed through some seams).

The strap was 3 lengths of the remaining fabric sewn together using french seams to ensure the strength of the strap wasn't compromised (the main fabric and lining were sewn independently for this so that the seams would lie next to each other and not on top of each other when sewn together to reduce bulk) and the joins were blended into the aethetics by placing the strap/loops (instead of elastic) just under the join on each side.

As the joins sit just above the main body of the bag they interfere with neither the functionality of the straps nor the drap and feel of the main bag.

I made the bag wider to reduce the "blocky" look of the end product and I ignored the recomendations for pocket sizes and simply made pockets which looked and felt right to me.

I added a pocket to the outside, back panel of the bag for shoving muslin squares/tissues, etc into.

I added side pockets on the inside too for bottles/talc/drinks

I hate velcro with a rather strong passion so I used a magnet bag clasp under the pocket on the front panel instead."

Charity Raffle!

Southhampton Sling Meet are celebrating International Babywearing Week, in conjunction with Portsmouth Sling Meet.

The event will take place at their usual venue: the Windmill Children’s Centre, on Monday 21st September, from 1 until 3pm

There will be a cake stall (please do bring along cakes or biscuits for us to sell) and a charity raffle/auction as well as the usual opportunity to try out a selection of slings.

Up for grabs in the charity raffle will be a lovely Brown/Gold Onbag Classic and several other lovely prizes, including a custom Dreampod and a Napsack.

I'm very pleased to be able to support their event, and I hope it goes well!

Eva as a DIY Onbag

Isn't Eva pretty!

I'm a big fan of Eva (a Didymos Wrap in case you are wondering!), I have a shortie with a lovely fringe and I'm very fond of it.

So it was lovely to receive pictures of this wrap conversion.

Jenneken says:

"...this one I made out of an old Didymos Eva wrap ringsling.

It had a tear and I didn't trust it anymore so I cut it up into pieces and made an Onbag that's in between the baby and the classic bag.

I had to cheat with the long straps since the wrap was only 2 meters long, but with a double seam it works fine...

I put the lining only on the inside of the bag and not on the straps.

I use this bag every day now"

Mini DIY Onbag in Corduroy and Applique

This is a very lovely little bag.

Our intrepid DIYing community has come up with yet another variation - this bag is smaller than the standard and is also longer and shorter.

The brown corduroy works really well with the appliquéd flower on the front.

The lining is of the same material as the appliqué.

If I am not mistaken the creator of this bag has also gone for slightly narrower straps.

Altogether this is a very neat little bag for short trips, or light packers!

Judith's DIY Leather Onbag

I'm so impressed with this bag!

I had thought of trying one in leather but I really don't have the skills or expertise for it...

Judith (who is also the author of the DIY instructions in Dutch) has made this with a lovely bright striped lining.

Judith says:

"I wasn't sure my sewing machine could make it through a few layers of leather but it worked out all just fine.

I had to make a few changes because leather is slightly different to work with and I had to change the measurements to fit the pattern for the peace of leahter I had available.

Because the onbag is a little smaller than the baby onbag (27x27 cm, straps 14cm wide) I assumed the purpose is different. I'm going to use it for citytrips (not a whole day, just one or two hours)

I left away the sidepocket and loops because of this changed purpose (and I like to backcarry my daugthers)."

It is so great to have such talented designers and seamstresses from all over the world contributing to this design.  I am overwhelmed by the creativity and talent which is pouring in from all directions!

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