Onbag has a little sister!!

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Onbag has a little sister!! a Dutch sister even and you can admire some more pictures here: www.metzonderhanden.com. Marleen came up with the design as she really like the idea of an Onbag but wanted something that gave her more options. Her design is well thought out and adds an extra dimension to the Onbag. The name MetZonderHanden is one that is virtually impossible to translate whilst keeping the full meaning and intent of what it means in Dutch. Literally it means with – without hands. This is a Dutch saying used mostly as a joke as how can you use something with and without your hands at the same time. With this bag you can. You can choose to have it with the short handles and tuck the long strands away giving you an easy to use shoulder bag. Or you can use the long straps to make it into a messenger style bag or a rucksack. You can read more about Marleen and her bags on her website!! For us all that remains is to say: “Welcome to the family.”