Special Edition Competition - Full Set up for grabs! The competition ends today..!

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Your last chance to enter this competition!  The contest will end at midnight tonight and I will announce the winner on Monday...

This beautiful set of Onbag Special Edition ByEthicals bags is up for grabs, for one lucky babywearer!

The set includes:

1x Onbag Classic

1x Onbag Baby

1x Valuables Bag

1x Sling Pouch

In other words - everything you could ever desire!  All completely unique and entirely free.... if you can answer the following questions:

1. What is the name of the lady who makes the ByEthicals range for Onbag?

2. What colour label do special edition Onbags carry?

3. These bags are made from reclaimed fabrics, which would otherwise have gone into landfill... so what will you do with this set (after many many years!) once you've finally worn it out?

Email me at specialedition@onbag.co.uk with your answers... This competition will end on the 1st of May.