Customer Comments

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I wanted to include some of the lovely things my customers have said...

"I got your parcel today & I have to say, I am absolutely over the moon... I even let out a little squeal!! lol! Thank you so so much, I really appreciate the time & effort you've gone to in producing such gorgeous things. I am so glad I got Helen to send you the wrap direct though, as I don't think I'd have been able to part with it!!" - Onbag Classic Custom Wrap Conversion 17/05/09

"The Onbags arrived safely this morning, and all I can say is WOW!  I love them : )

The thought that has gone into them and the attention to detail is fabulous.  The big one came out with us today, and it is so nice to have room for everything without having to empty the bag to find a bib, and all the pockets mean that the valuables aren't going to fall out over the floor when changing the baby.   I especially like the pockets on the sides - big enough for sun glasses case and a couple of toddler toys to get at without having to open the bag.  You are a genius in designing these : )  I'll get some action shots to you over the next couple of weeks." - Onbag Special Editions Competition Winner - 10/05/09

"I have been planning on making an Onbag for a while now, and I still will, but I need something for travelling in a month and wasn't sure I would have time by then. So, in a moment of madness, I bought the ByEthicals Spring Stripes classic set! It is so much prettier in real life than online. I liked it a lot online, but I love it now that I can see the textures and true colours. It looks gorgeous with my Indio! ... I wasn't quite sure how an Onbag would work, but now I know that it works however I want it to!  The sling pouch is so clever, too. I didn't think I would be able to fit my long wraps or mei tai in it, but they actually fit rather perfectly. I'm excited to make my own and seeing this one has inspired me to use more interesting fabrics, though I think mine will be a little more plain in hopes that my husband won't ask to borrow this one!" - Onbag Classic - Special Edition ByEthicals 09/05/09

The Onbag baby arrived today and is really, really lovely - it looks just perfect for my needs, and I love the colours and the design - I can't wait to use it as my everyday bag!... I have already started transferring all my bits to my new Onbag baby - it is soooo wonderful and the colours are just perfect!  Really do need a matching regular Onbag now though... :) - Onbag Baby 14/04/09

JIM's here !! Thank you so much for just a beautiful bag ! I already know he and I are never going to part ;-) The straps are just long enough to tie a rucksack with Tibetan finish. So no need for me to hem them down. ...I love him, I definitely do ! - Onbag Baby Wrap Conversion 05/03/09

You solved all my bag problems!! I am just completely in love with your design! Being a SAHM with a husband currently unemployed I was just so happy to see your sewing instructions, because I just don't have the money to buy anything (even though I think the price is very fair and would love to support your work!). I'll be making an Onbag for myself in the coming week, that's for sure :-) Just wanted to let you know that your idea is fabulous :-) And I have posted a link to it on a Danish sling community site, and they were all crazy about it! - DIY Onbag 01/03/09

I recieved the bag a few days ago and have used it a few times allready. I LOVE IT! I'm so impressed with the smallness of it if you don't have much to carry but the ability to stuff it once we add cloth diapers to the mix! - Custom Onbag Classic - Jan '09

The bag is fantastic, used it on my first proper outing today you are very clever! - DIY Kit - Feb '09

I picked up the bag yesterday. Not too good on tying knots but with little in it any old knot will do :o) It is lovely & soft and will be truly versatile - I only ever carry a travel napy pack but the other things like cup hat, gloves, tissues etc now have a lovely bag to go in rather than a shopping bag! - Custom Onbag Baby - Jan '09

It came with the mail today. I've packed it and tried it on while wearing my baby and I'm ready for my trip! It's a beautiful bag, well-thought out! Onbag Classic - December '08

I went for the Brown/Blue combination in the end as thought it would go with most of my things. I just love everything about it, I've never been so organised and now I can actually carry a change of clothes for M and a cloth nappy. I've just been squashing a disposable and a few wipes into my normal handbag. And the best bit is I can also fit all the 'junk' oh I mean paintings that I collect daily from preschool (imagine how much stuff twin girls paint daily) Onbag Baby - 19/10/08

"I got the Onbag on Saturday, and it is gorgeous!! I can't wait to try it out - I've put it on and played with tying it a bit, but I'm really looking forward to wearing it out and about! You really have an awesome product here, it's exactly what I've been looking for - I've been searching for the perfect diaper bag for babywearing, that has enough room for cloth diapers as well, and this is it! Thank you so much!" Onbag Classic - 03/09/08

"We spent all day in Seattle yesterday and I carried all I needed in my Onbag baby. I wore my little guy about half the time. It worked so well! What an amazing design. The straps are so versatile. I used it with the double slip knots at first, then found I was tired of a knot always ending up on my back. So I switched to using a basic slip knot ~~ so comfy! And for a while it was tied around the handles of my umbrella stroller, and even helped tie down a backpack I was pushing around in that stroller. I give this design a 10." DIY Onbag Baby 06/10/08

"I got the Onbag today, and I love the print and the design of the bag. Those straps are super comfy... I've been using it as a purse and diaper bag, and it's fab. Sooo comfy without any metal parts, and no slipping!" Onbag Unique Print Nov 2008