And the Winner is...

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Thank you everyone for the huge number of entries I received - it is so exciting to see the interest there is in these new bags!

I have read through all the interesting ideas as to what should be done with these repurposed bags once they (finally!) wear out...

Some of the responses were great - here is a selection of my favourites:

"As I am guessing these bags will last many a year, so by the time they have worn out I may have actually learned how to use my sewing machine. So I'll make them into teddy bears for my grandchildren :-)"

"When I have worn out this set, I will wrap it up carefully and put it in my (soon to be born) daughter's "Memory Box". Inside it will be a legacy wrap, a first size nappy and an item of her baby clothing, something knitted for her by MY mother, her favourite baby toy, pictures and mementos of things we did when she was young. I hope that when she is a mother herself she will recycle the items for her children."

 "Growing up I had a 'lovey' blanket that my grandmother made for me from the back panel of one of my grandfather's 'well-loved' flannel shirts and from a scrap of silky, smooth material she had left from making my auntie's prom dress years before I was born. I think that, once these bags have been 'well-loved' and are no longer useful as bags, that the materials they are made of would make excellent scrapies for making a very soft and unique 'lovey' blanket for a lucky little baby! (I would imagine that I could use these bags for my child(ren) and then lend them to friends to use for their little ones and, by the time I got them back, several families and a dozen or so kids and many years later, they would be perfect for 'lovey' blankets for my grandchildren! Wishful thinking, maybe, but you asked!)"

"As these would be a very important memory of my childrens early years - I would cover and/or line my daughters memory box with them."

 But my favourite... and the winner of the Onbag Special Edition ByEthicals Set is....

Julie Babis with this response:

"I'm collecting fabric from clothes, toys, slings etc from different stages of my children's lives, which I plan to make into a memory quilt.  So should I be lucky enough to win this set, I would aim not to wear them out completely but to incorporate them into my quilt as a reminder of many happy times not just wearing my children, but being out and about with them.  I hope that this will become an heirloom for them in the future."

Your set will be on its way to you soon!