Stacy's Artichoke Anathama

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Stacy writes a blog called 'Artichoke Anathema', and has written about her Onbag project.  She says it should be making me rich!

 Stacy writes :

"I have completed many projects. One of which was a diaper bag. The hospital sent us home with a simple black Similac bag that I used after I removed the labels. It really wasn't big enough for outings with the cloth diapers plus I was lugging around purse, diaper bag, and baby. There are tons of great free projects on the web, some of which are free for a reason and others that should be making someone rich. The Onbag should be making some rich. It is genius; diaper bag with extremely long straps to be worn around your body and accommodate your baby wearing! My purse fits in in to boot! ...

Wal-Mart $2 cotton with a bit of lycra. It is a cool charcoal color. I didn't want black but yet needed versatility in color. Grey. Who goes wrong with grey?

The straps are tied criss-cross, through the loops, across one another to go back through the loops, then finally knotted together. I think I need to make a little loop to go around the upper part of the straps to keep them closer in at my shoulder blades. I thought the 14" width would not be too wide, but alas, it is....

Opened up, here you can see the pockets and lining. I got a great deal on the salmon colored raw silk. Being one of my favorite colors and fabrics, I couldn't resist."