New Special Editions from ByEthicals

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These bags are made specially for Onbag out of reclaimed materials, which would otherwise have gone to landfill. Each bag is handmade and unique.

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Diana, of ByEthicals, says:
"I grew up, with the luxury of an extended family, in the east-end of London. My grandparents had lived through 2 world wars and the depression, which instilled an 'everything is useful' mentality in me. One of my 1st memories was Nana's 'save it for later cupboard'. Each family birthday, Easter, Christmas and rainy day holiday you could find fabric or yarn, paper or ribbon, card or trimming. Using craft skill, she taught me how to make useful gifts, cards and household items for little more than the time and love you put into it!
Getting older I began a career in graphics and developed my hate of waste in all its guises.
When it came to furnishing my own home, I used my craft skills to make all manner of items from what I had. By now I had a family and substantial scrap cupboard.
As time went on the media started to give the things I was doing a lifestyle label 'Green' 'Eco-friendly' 'Sustainable'. I just thought it was how it was done! I continued to keep making things, I loved patchwork and free style embroidery. I loved the way fabric changed when you cut it and used it. I loved old cottage interiors, appreciating the honesty of the craftsmanship.
Then life took an unexpected turn!
We found ourselves out of work, mortgaged, hubby had failing health and Christmas was coming. I thanked god for my scrap cupboard, in a while I had made bags for all my family and Christmas was saved! Before I knew it ByEthicals was born. I now love the way something old or unwanted changes, I love how I can use the smallest of scraps, I love using up not throwing away! All my fabrics are reclaimed and I use a low tech approach to making my bags. I use old craft skills (I would hate to think them lost forever).
Because I may only have a small piece of ribbon or fabric, no two bags are the same. I like that unexpected variety!"