Kim's DIY Bag - The Tester...

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"I'm not an experienced sewer, so I was kind of scared that I couldn't do this. I've been ready to order on of Sara's Onbags a million times, but LE Didy's kept being released, so I never found the money.

And since no one wanted to buy my Aqua Hopp Florenz on the Dutch babywearing forum I thought I might as well use it for an Onbag.

But I made a trial version first. From darkblue Ikeacurtains I had stocked in the attick, and some shiney fuchsia lining. I found the pattern quite a puzzle, but it all worked out in the end.

I finished the whole thing just after midnight... I'm getting the hang of this sewing-thing. I want do do it againnnn! "

I think Kim did a great job - I can't wait to see the wrap-conversion!