Kristin's DIY Bag - Bias Tape Variation

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This is Kristin's DIY Onbag - she chose lovely natural colours and a leafy lining to match.

Kristin decided to skip the zipped back pocket and found the rolled hem a little daunting (not the first I don't think!). So she modified my pattern to use bias tape instead.

You can see the original thread on The BabyWearer here.

Kristin very kindly wrote a little about how she went about modifying the pattern...
Very simply, every time your instructions said to use a rolled hem, I sewed bias tape on. When I got to the body of the bag, I did a quick stitch all the way around, so the bag became one piece, and then I sewed the tape over all of the raw edges. I figured out (a bit late, lol) that the bias tape needed to stop and start on places that didn't have very many layers to sew. It was really hard to make a nice overlapped tape where there were more than 2 layers of fabric anyway. I used extra wide double fold tape (which came in 3 yard packs...I think I used 4 or 5 packs. Does any of that help? lol I'm going to make the onbag baby next, the same way, so I'll try to keep better track of what I did!

Kristin didn't make the pieces any smaller before trying this out and her bag came out a bit big, but she suggests that if you took about 1cm off each side then you'd end up with something closer to the original.

We'll look forward to the Onbag Baby and the detailed instructions!