Onbag Labels...

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I am introducing a new labelling system for Onbags, you will now be able to tell from the colour of the tag what sort of Onbag you are looking at!

Red Labels - will indicate that this is a DIY Onbag. I will be offering these as a finishing touch to your DIY bag - along with the instruction leaflet and a nicely formatted set of instructions.

Black Labels - are for custom bags. The gold flash is metallic and gives a little class to these unique and special bags.

Grey Labels - show that this is a special edition Onbag. These are reserved for matched bag/sling combinations, soon to be available (!), and other special series.

Blue Labels - the classic Onbag label. These are the standard, and will continue to appear on the Onbag Classic as well as the new bags, which will be released very soon!