Brenda's DIY Onbags - Classic and Baby

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Brenda has made two Onbags - a Classic and a Baby, out of the same 3.5yrds!

I really love the lining she's chosen, I have a bit of a thing for stripes!

She's posted a really helpful thread on the babywearer, which has more pictures and also lots of good advice for anyone thinking of having a go themselves.

Thank you Brenda for showing us your lovely bags, and for the great action shots!

We spent all day in Seattle yesterday and I carried all I needed in my Onbag baby. I wore my little guy about half the time. It worked so well! What an amazing design. The straps are so versatile. I used it with the double slip knots at first, then found I was tired of a knot always ending up on my back. So I switched to using a basic slip knot ~~ so comfy! And for a while it was tied around the handles of my umbrella stroller, and even helped tie down a backpack I was pushing around in that stroller.

I give this design a 10.