'Bagified' Wraps - Didymos Iris and Hoppediz Montreal, Baby and Classic...

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Here is Iris as an Onbag Classic, and Montreal as a panel on an Onbag Baby. Don't they look lovely together!?

Iris' stripes work really well as a full-shell wrap bag, and as usual the wrap-bags are the ones I don't want to give away - doesn't the two-tone taffeta lining look amazing with the stripes!

I took the liberty of using the scraps left over from Iris to make a sling-pouch (usually the pouches are made with the lining fabric only, but I couldn't resist - who cares if it folds up a little bigger when it looks so pretty!?), and a valuables bag. Here is the full set!

And here is Iris in solitary glory - I can't wait to see the action shots of this one - Anne will look very glamerous with this beauty on...

Here a Hoppediz Montreal scrap has been used to make the front, back/flap and pockets on an Onbag Baby.

The strap and sides are made from a navy blue cotton drill, and the bag is lined with ice-blue taffeta. I love how simple this bag is, the wrap fabric is so lovely to touch, and the Montreal pattern is such a winner that it couldn't fail really.