To be truly free to travel with our babies, a good bag is as essential as a good sling. The Onbag has been designed to use alongside your chosen carrier, enabling you to get out and about.

Onbag has a little sister!!

Onbag has a little sister!! a Dutch sister even and you can admire some more pictures here: Marleen came up with the design as she really like the idea of an Onbag but wanted something that gave her more options. Her design is well thought out and adds an extra dimension to the Onbag. The name MetZonderHanden is one that is virtually impossible to translate whilst keeping the full meaning and intent of what it means in Dutch. Literally it means with – without hands. This is a Dutch saying used mostly as a joke as how can you use something with and without your hands at the same time. With this bag you can. You can choose to have it with the short handles and tuck the long strands away giving you an easy to use shoulder bag. Or you can use the long straps to make it into a messenger style bag or a rucksack. You can read more about Marleen and her bags on her website!! For us all that remains is to say: “Welcome to the family.”

New things at Onbag - A late update

Where to start? Hello, my name is Anne and I have taken over the day-to-day running of Onbag. I first spoke to Sarah shortly after she opened her custom list, I ordered a bag and we chatted about the possibilities for Onbag. Later that year in the summer of 2008 we shared a stall at the London Summer Sling Show.

Things have been a bit quiet which is partially because both of us gave birth to our third babies in the autumn. Eleanor was born on the 29th of September and Christopher on the 6th of October. Something else that is exciting is that Custom Onbags are available in the UK again. Christina is a fabulous seamstress and a creative artist. You can see her work here: which is also where you can find out more about how to get your own Custom Onbag.

Stay tuned there will be more news to come!

DIY Baby by Jolijn

You may remember Jolijn as previous examples of her DIY Classic bags were posted back in December.  She promised that she would send us images of her next project... two DIY Baby bags.

Jolijn writes, 'The first Onbag Baby is finished. It's made from pieces of a Didymos Waves wrap in 7 different colors (Lind, Aqua, Silber, Sequoia, Purple, Allegro and Violet). It was fun to make!'

What a great looking bag, the contrasting colours work so well together! 

Special Editions - New Stock Here!

So we have a small batch of our exclusive special editions bags available once more.  There are two Baby sets, one classic set, as well as some 'zone' accessories.

Take a look at them all here...


Nerida's DIY


Another wonderful DIY bag to share.

Nerida has used different fabrics to accent the bag with this lovely pattern being used on the straps.  She has also enhanced the finished bag with the beautiful embroidered design on the front.  Great stuff!


Eva's incredible handpainted DIY Baby

Eva used colours from her favourite wearing wraps and slings to provide inspiration for the beautiful handpainting on her Onbag.  The 'triskel' symbols and brightly coloured triangles look fantastic.  Eva says 'this is my favourite bag now, even when I go out without my baby'.  

The design was completed using standard textile paints and colours.  Eva's friend Petra sewed the bag for her, leaving parts of the bag fabric white so that the textile paint colours remained vibrant and clear.

A stunning bag! 


Jolijn's beautiful DIY creations

Jolijn has made these two amazing DIY Classic creations for herself and her sister, both have unique personalities using different fabrics, patterns and textures.  

The black velvet bag is very stylish and classy, with the richly patterned and coloured red lining it really stands out.

I love the vibrant green colour of the cotton Classic.  The patterned lining suits it so well and is sure to brighten up even the dullest winter day.

Jolijn writes that her next project is two DIY Onbag Babies!  I can't wait to see what colours and fabrics she uses.  

Don't the special red DIY Onbag labels look smart too?

Hi everyone

I'm Odhrán, Sarah's brother-in-law and baby-wearing uncle of 5 wonderful kids.

You'll be hearing more from me in future as I'm going to be taking over the day-to-day running of Onbag at Sarah's request.  She has been finding it increasingly difficult to balance running a small business and looking after two small but energetic boys, so I have jumped in to help out.  This will give her the time to develop some more ideas and projects of hers which have had to take a back seat until now, so watch this space!

I just wanted to introduce myself to the many readers who check this site regularly, and I look forward to chatting with you all here or on other forums.



We're fully stocked!

Thank you so much for your patience everyone! I've just received a whole delivery of lovely shiney new Onbags - I have every colourway in stock and I'm bracing myself for the rush! So if you've been waiting and stalking my site then now is the time to get the colourway of your dreams!

Onbag Supports International Babywearing Week

Well done to everyone who worked so hard to make International Babywearing Week a success!

Two lucky ladies won Onbags as part of the celebrations, one in Southampton, one in Hungary!

Zsofi who helped to organise the Hungarian event ( sent me this lovely email:

"I just got these from the happy winner, Viktoria, mum of two little girls from north east hungary, Eger.

She loves the bag and sends you her fond wishes!

Here is her daughter Laura also sporting the babywearing week t-shirt."

Viktoria was lucky enough to win an Onbag ByEthicals Special Edition, in Autumn Scrappy Stripe.  

And, nearer home, in Southampton, Debbie wrote to tell me about their event:

"Southampton and Portsmouth Sling Meets joined forces on September 21st to celebrate International Babywearing Week 2009.

We had some very generous donations which enabled us to hold a charity raffle and auction, as well as having a cake stall.

One of the prizes which was donated to our auction was an Onbag Classic, which was won by Carol.

The event was very well attended and we raised over £200 for the charity of our choice, Best Beginnings.

For more details and pictures of the event, please see"

Many congratulations to the organisers of both events, and many happy years of babywearing to all concerned!

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